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    The aim of the Centre would be to prepare an atmosphere of National Integrity and emotional binding between the marginalized communities mainly the Dalits and Adivasis with the main stream literature through translation in Hindi. The translation of these literary texts in Hindi and further studies and research based on them would be giving to Hindi an opportunity to fulfill its role as the National Language and the link Language of our country. Read More...
  • Establishment of the Centre: Basing on the experiences and interest showed by the scholars and students, an idea has been generated to set a Centre to take up the studies on various issues pertaining to Dalit and Adivasi. Accordingly, a proposal has been submitted to the University by the Head of the Dept. ( then Prof Shashi Muduraj) with the initiation of Prof V. Krishna. This proposal was placed before various committees /Boards of the University, UGC and got approved/sanctioned by the UGC. Finally the Centre has been notified in the month of June i.e. 15.06.2011 and Coordinator was appointed on 05.07.2011.

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